Day 7: Last Day in Rotterdam-Charlotte Yeung

Today was incredible. I couldn't go to the bike tour for health reasons so I ended up going to two different museums in Rotterdam. The first was Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen which houses pieces that are in storage and are only available to the public a few months once in a while. It was an [...]

Day 6: Hague/Amsterdam-Charlotte Yeung

Today we visited The Hague and Amsterdam! We saw two different ministers when we were outside the parliament building. It was shocking seeing how local everything was. The Capitol in America is swarming with police officers and reporters. Here, there were a handful of visible officers and a small news crew; completely different from America. [...]

Day 5: Delft/Erasmus-Charlotte Yeung

Today’s weather was kind of cold but so blue that it looked like it was taken from a postcard. We went to Delft and bought souvenirs that were reminiscent of Dutch porcelain. I was surprised seeing so many Miffy-themed items. I grew up with that bunny character and it was sad never seeing it in [...]

Day 4: Arrived in Rotterdam!-Charlotte Yeung

We were on a train ride for several hours. I got my last pretzel in Munich and a Belgian waffle which is very different from the sad, deflated excuses of bread they call ‘waffles’ in the US. I binge-watched a horror series with Jessica and probably scared the people sitting near us on the train. [...]

Day 3: Innsbruck-Charlotte Yeung

We went to Innsbruck, Austria today! It was incredible seeing the Alps. The feeling of seeing these incredible peaks is similar to listening to a grand orchestral piece like Sibelius Violin Concerto. We had a fascinating tour around the medieval center of the city, learned about it's important economic origins (place through which trade between [...]

Day 2: Tour of Munich-Charlotte Yeung

I don't even know where to begin. We started with a walking tour where we saw a fascinating churchbell ringing at Marienplatz. I also visited Asamkirche which was as incredible as the pictures I saw online. We visited Viktualienmarkt and I got gingerbread and pretzel-shaped pasta. It was fascinating hearing the stories of Dr. Scott [...]

Day 0.5: Stranded in Virginia-Charlotte Yeung

Today was a bit of a surprise. I arrived at the Indy airport and met some of the other people at our study abroad. We were very excited and everyone had different majors ranging from CS to Communications. Because of snow, our flight was delayed. We played some card games. By the time we got [...]