Day 5: Delft/Erasmus-Charlotte Yeung

Today’s weather was kind of cold but so blue that it looked like it was taken from a postcard. We went to Delft and bought souvenirs that were reminiscent of Dutch porcelain. I was surprised seeing so many Miffy-themed items. I grew up with that bunny character and it was sad never seeing it in the US. It felt like seeing an old childhood friend. We also visited some windmills and took a ton of photos. Then we went to the University of Erasmus and collaborated with students there for a case study competition. My group didn’t win but it was still fun. We had dinner with the students at Erasmus at the S.S. Rotterdam where we had the best dinner I’ve had in this trip. I met people who spoke French which was exciting since I finally got to speak French. A lot of my classmates are scared of speaking French so I haven’t been able to practice as much as I want.