Day 14 Trip back home

Today we took about an hour and a half ride to the Amsterdam airport. Then we took about a 9hr plane ride back to the states. This was a very fun trip it was bittersweet leaving some new friends I made, but I 100% recommend this trip for everyone I had so much fun!

Day 10 Rotterdam Netherlands

Today we spent our morning traveling from Hamburg to Rotterdam. After getting to Rotterdam we went on a food tour where we tried their famous fries and mayo, krokett’s, and more. This day I also won our quiz at the end of the tour and got a championship soccer scarf.

Rotterdam Day 3: 5/26

I spent the last day in Rotterdam relaxing and walking around the center. I absolutely loved the food here. Definitely will miss it. Out of all of the cities on the trip I would come back to the Netherlands first.

Rotterdam Day 2: 5/25

Today we went on bike tour around Rotterdam. I loved the experience because it allowed me to get a feel what it was like to commute as a local. I was not aware that they didn’t use cars as often as bikes which is really cool!

Rotterdam Day 1: 5/24

Today was one of my favorite days from the trip. The food tour was amazing. I would have to say my favorite dish was the stroopwafel. The architecture here is very interesting, I love the modern look!

Rotterdam Day 3

Today we went out and tried a couple new restaurants and foods. The city was very lively because of a holiday we don’t celebrate in the US, Ascension Day. There was also a lot of people cleaning up from the Feyeonord and Roma game the night before. I went to the mall and did some [...]

Day 3 – Rotterdam(last day)

Today is the last day for our study board trip. We would go to Delft to go check out an old church building. We were able to climb up the old stairs used by the church to get to the top of the building. Finally we ended the trip with a nice dinner with a [...]


Our last day was a trip to Delft, home of Vermeer and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the classic windmills.