Rotterdam Day 3

Today we went out and tried a couple new restaurants and foods. The city was very lively because of a holiday we don’t celebrate in the US, Ascension Day. There was also a lot of people cleaning up from the Feyeonord and Roma game the night before. I went to the mall and did some [...]

Rotterdam Day 2

Today I went on an optional excursion to the capital of the Netherlands, The Hague.  We got to see a Dutch equivalent of a cabinet member. After that I discovered my favorite way to see a new city, a bike tour! We got to bike all over the harbor and see were immigrants left Europe for [...]

Rotterdam Day 1

Today we arrived in Rotterdam, put our stuff away and went on a walking food tour.  I had never had authentic Dutch food and I’m surprised we don’t have it in the US.  My favorite food they gave us was the fries covered in peanut sauce and mayonnaise.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and showed us the [...]

Hamburg Day 3

Today we started with a walking tour through Hamburg and got to see all the new and old buildings.  After that we got some food at the dock.  Then we went to a church that had been destroyed during WW2.  Luckily the tower was still standing and we were able to go all the way up and see [...]

Hamburg Day 2

Today we went on a boat tour of the harbor.  It was amazing to see how much they ship in and out of there.  There was some massive boats there that had traveled all over the world.  We got dropped off at a maritime museum and got to learn the history of boating.  Im really interested in boats [...]

Hamburg Day 1

Today we went to the part of the city that is famous for its nightlife.  Our tour guide showed us we’re all the good places are to watch live music.  I still can’t believe how influential American and British music is over here.  I have barely heard any songs that I didn’t already know from back home.  So many [...]

Prague Day 3

Today we went to the Skoda museum. They are a Czech automobile manufacturer that started out as bicycle manufacturer. We were not able to see the factory due to Covid but we got a very good tour of the museum. I enjoyed seeing all the old engines they had out on display.

Prague Day 2

Today we took a guided tour through the city. We saw a lot of beautiful architecture everywhere. We found a market that started in 1232, our tour guide told us that it is the oldest active market in the world. We also went to a museum about communism and learned about how life was different [...]

Prague Day 1

The highlight of today was visiting an ex-communist bunker. Our tour guide showed us all the original equipment that they used. They had a very extensive setup including rooms for surgery, communication, air filtration, weapons, and planning. We were allowed to hold the guns and use a telegram. One of my favorite parts was going [...]

Day 3 Munich Germany 5/17/2022

Today we went to the Bayern Munich stadium. It was absolutely beautiful inside and out. Our tour guide was an expert on everything Bayern. We got to see were the players got ready and then walked out on to the pitch. After that we went into the Bayern Museum and the gift shop. We bought [...]