Culture and Commerce in Central Europe

Culture and Commerce in Central Europe

Cantor (2018) claimed that culture began in the 19th century because up until 1800, the world was too poor to care about art, and as such, the triumph of capitalism created a mass audience for cultural development. The rise of management and economic pedagogy and eventually the division of labor allowed for discretionary income and [...]

Day 6 – 03/19/2022 – Rotterdam pt.2 – Chase

Today was the final day in Rotterdam. It's bittersweet that we are leaving tomorrow, but it was a great and fast week. This was the latest that we were able to sleep in with our meeting starting around 10 am. We went for a bike ride around the harbor, this was one of the best [...]

Day 7 – Rohan Mansukhani

This was the last day and we finally got some time to relax. Today on my own i wanted to explore so i rented an electric vespa and went around the city for about an hour. I went to the inner harbor near the cube houses and across the bridge. It was a great time! [...]

Rotterdam Day 7

Rotterdam Day 7

Day 7 was our final day, and it was pretty much a free day to explore the city. I walked around the market and got some more local snack food. I also went to the tv tower which had a fantastic view of the city.

Day 7

On our last day, we went on a bike tour around Rotterdam and by the harbor. I’m glad we had the chance to ride bikes in a city where they are very common. We also saw a sign that looks like our Purdue P logo!

Day 7: Last Day in Rotterdam-Charlotte Yeung

Today was incredible. I couldn't go to the bike tour for health reasons so I ended up going to two different museums in Rotterdam. The first was Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen which houses pieces that are in storage and are only available to the public a few months once in a while. It was an [...]

Day 7 – Last Day in Rotterdam

Today was our last day in Rotterdam sadly, but we had a lot of time to explore the parts of the city we hadn't seen before. The first thing we did was go on a bike tour of the port of Rotterdam. It was really interesting to hear about how the port had been built [...]

Day 7: Rotterdam and Delft

This last day was the most relaxed of the bunch, but that didn't mean I enjoyed it any less. Just getting to wander around Rotterdam (and in my case Delft as well), was so much fun and really enjoyable. I will definitely miss the Netherlands and Germany, and I hope to come back one day. [...]

Day 6 – Rohan Mansukhani

We went to Amsterdam today. We started the day at the Haag and visited the government buildings. Then we went to art museum, it was interesting. Bring a water bottle with you. Then we went to Amsterdam and walked hours! The historic buildings were so beautiful.

Day 5 – 03/18/2022 – Amsterdam – Chase

Today is the day most of us have been waiting for; Amsterdam! I was incredibly excited, not just for Amsterdam, but for The Hague as well. Girl with a Pearl Earring is on display there and the building itself is beautiful. We stopped and watched a live interview with the Climate Official. From The Hague, [...]