Day 7: Last Day in Rotterdam-Charlotte Yeung

Today was incredible. I couldn’t go to the bike tour for health reasons so I ended up going to two different museums in Rotterdam. The first was Depot Boijmans Van Beuningen which houses pieces that are in storage and are only available to the public a few months once in a while. It was an eclectic mixture of modern and old art. The next museum I went to was Wereldmuseum where I was shocked to find the shoes women whose feet were bound used to wear (it’s frightening how small those shoes are; they were the size of baby feet). I also learned a great deal about gender identity and Oceanic and African cultures from the exhibits. It was really cool seeing all the different artifacts. In particular, I was surprised to see Nkisis, African art that was actually in my AP Art History class back in high school. After that, some friends and I went to Delft where I bought a tote bag for all the extra souvenirs I bought (I bought so much chocolate that I have to check my carry-on in now). It took 2 hours for our covid tests to appear then we went to dinner where I had a divine raw beef Japanese dish and the best chicken karaage in my life.

I’m coming back to the Netherlands. And next time, I’m either living here or somewhere in Europe.