Munich Day 3 (Last Day!)

Our final day was a somber day as I felt like none of us really wanted to depart, but at the same time we were ready to get home to show others the spoils of this trip and what we gained from it. Touring the palace was really amazing as it showed not only the [...]

Last Day in Munich

Today is the last day we will be in Munich. It has been a very fulfilling trip after all. All the group gathered together and had a fantastic dinner at the Ratskeller Restaurant at the central square in Munich. In the morning, we got a chance to visit the Munich Royal Palace with a guide, [...]


On the last day of the trip we went to the Palace located in the center of Munich. After the palace we were free to do whatever we wanted so I went and got gifts for my loved ones. Then we all met for dinner and had a full course meal. After dinner I just [...]

3/18/23 post

The day started with a trip the Munich palace. We had a very in depth tour of most of the palace and learned about hundreds of years of leaders and art. Then later in the day we went out to one final dinner as a group before going our separate ways.

Day 7 Munich

Today was our last day in Germany. We toured the Munich royal palace and afterwards wandered around the gardens afterwards. The English Garden was really nice and we got to see a couple swans and some people swimming. Can’t believe this week is already over and we have to leave tomorrow.

Germany Day 7

This was officially our last day in our Germany trip. We started the day by visiting the Munich Royal Palace with a tour guide, which explained to us the how, the why, and the who of many parts of the castle. My favorite part of the Palace Tour was to see the culture and traditions [...]

Last day

Today is our last day. The tour ended with a enjoyable and meaningful dinner. Everyone has been given a farewell by the professors. I really enjoyed this trip. Thanks a lot!

Spring Break 2023 Day 7: Munich

As it was the last day, it was spent visiting the Royal Palace in Munich along with walking around the city. Additionally, some of us walked over to the English Garden to walk through the park and see the river surfing. Definitely a cool things to see. As the trip was come to end, I [...]

Saturday in Munich

Saturday in Munich

Today was another great day and it was our final day in Munich. I enjoyed the time we spent touring the Palace in the city center and seeing how the royalty lived hundreds of years ago. We took time to explore the city in a small group after that tour and ultimately went to dinner [...]