Last day in Rotterdam

In our Last day in Rotterdam we took a trip to Delft, a beautiful historical town 30 mins away from Rotterdam. The city was gorgeous and the art around town. Later Kinderdijk to visit their windmills. A form of renewable energy that his been around for hundreds of years that started in The Netherlands. I [...]

Day 12 – Rotterdam – 05/25/2023

Today is the final day of excursions and we were able to visit the town of Delft and the Kinderdijk windmills. One interesting thing I learned was that Delft and many other cities/towns in the Netherlands love to have open air markets. They have all sorts of food and shops that one can go to [...]

Rotterdam 5-25-23

Last full day in with the group. We went on a tour of a small village and to see the surrounding old windmills. It was interesting to hear about the history of the town and how art and Vermeer still has a strong grasp on the region and its decisions. I really enjoyed this trip [...]

Rotterdam 5-24-23

Today we went on a biking tour of the ports. It was really interesting to learn about the logistics of how ports work, and impressive to see the sheer size of the ships. I enjoyed getting some fresh air by the water and biking in the tunnel.

Rotterdam day 2

I had a great day today in Rotterdam. I was able to learn a lot from the lean 6 sigma presentation. It was really eye opening to see how effective it can be to solve problems. I also had a great time on the bike tour seeing the port and the harbor.

Rotterdam Day 1

Our first day in Rotterdam which is another port town was so fun. We took a food tour which allowed us to learn about the many multicultural cuisines within the city. Rotterdam is also a city that loves its art and architecture, the many different art installations and styles of architecture is a site to [...]

Rotterdam 5-24-23

On this day we traveled all day then had an amazing food city walking tour with some local students. I really enjoyed eating the local foods and connecting them with the city and getting expert guidance from the people who live here. I am looking forward to the supply chain workshop tomorrow.

Hamburg 5-21-23

In Hamburg today we went through the red light district to get a tour of the Beatles influence on the area and how they were influenced by it. We also went to a car prototype museum in HafenCity. I am a huge car guy so I loved the prototype museum and seeing how design has [...]

Hamburg 5-21-23

First day in Hamburg. After a long train ride I really didn’t want to go to a silly wonderland but holy cow I was surprised. I was shocked by the scale of the miniature city and the detail. We looked for all of the Easter eggs. We also enjoyed pressing all the buttons and seeing [...]

Hamburg Day 1 – 5/20/2023

Overall, my first impressions of the city were immaculate. On the way in, I could see parts of the bay and some of the great architecture. The best part of the day, however, was the miniature wonderland. I thought this would just be a couple trains running in loops around some figurines, but it was [...]