Day 12: Netherlands

Today was fun! We got to tour Delft, another city annexed by Rotterdam. The city has an older vibe to it as it’s buildings are as they would be in old Dutch cities. There was water around some of the buildings and bridges connecting one area from another. All the buildings were made out of [...]

Day 11: Netherlands

Today was amazing!!! I slept in and had ramen for lunch at the market. Then I went on the city tour on bikes!!! We got to see Charloisse. That was awesome!! Other than the boat rides, it’s probably my favorite excursion so far. It was fun and relaxing. I learned about the city and the [...]

Day 10: Netherlands

Today was fun. The train ride went well, and we made it to Rotterdam safely. The sites we saw on the train were absolutely beautiful. After we got to the city, there was a tour of the Area around the hotel. That was fun! We saw various Interesting modern infrastructure that was built after the [...]

Day 9: Hamburg

Today has been good. The city tour was interesting and I got to see some places I haven’t seen before. I had pasta at an Italian restaurant for lunch that was really good. Miniature wonderland was really interesting! 

Day 8: Hamburg

It was a lot of un going to the port today. It was interesting to see all the stores along the port and the people. The port was beautiful and fun to tour in a boat.  It wasn’t until afternoon that I realized it was Sunday And That I would usually be at church in [...]

Day 7: Hamburg

The train ride to Hamburg went well. We showed up to our hotel in time. The group then went to the Reeperbahn for a beetle’s tour. The leader of that tour wasn’t the best, but most of us still learned something. The Reeperbahn was…. Interesting to say the least. It was like a mixture of [...]

Day 6

It was really fun getting to be in another city in Czech. Mlada Boleslav is a different city than Prague. We only went to the museum Skoda for a tour, but it seemed a bit more chill. From what I saw, poverty was not as obvious in this city.  The museum was interesting in so [...]

5/24/22 – Rotterdam

Our first day In Rotterdam was a busy day with a number of adventures to be had. A food tour of Dutch specialties and the beautiful architecture of the city.

Day 12 (Rotterdam day 3) Final day

Today was our last day in Rotterdam and the last day of our trip before we head back home to America. To start our we took a tour bus to a small dutch town called Delft where we were able to climb up the church tower to get some amazing views of the city. While [...]

JVieth Rotterdam (& Hague) Day 2: Art, Bikes, Futbol

We went to an art museum in Hague this morning! There hosts the “Girl with a Peal Earring” painting and many other famous art pieces. I actually did not care for the famous pieces that were there. I appreciate realism and luminism qualities in art the most. The museum had many interesting paintings about Christianity [...]