Day 7 – Rohan Mansukhani

This was the last day and we finally got some time to relax. Today on my own i wanted to explore so i rented an electric vespa and went around the city for about an hour. I went to the inner harbor near the cube houses and across the bridge. It was a great time! [...]

Day 6 – Rohan Mansukhani

We went to Amsterdam today. We started the day at the Haag and visited the government buildings. Then we went to art museum, it was interesting. Bring a water bottle with you. Then we went to Amsterdam and walked hours! The historic buildings were so beautiful.

Day 5 – Rohan Mansukhani

Today we went to delph in the morning and it was a really fun time. One of my best parts was the market and walking around the shops. The students we met were really fun and we had lots of conversation during the dinner.

Day 4 – Rohan

Today was a long travel with 3 trains that totaled 8 hours. Ive been very excited about going to Rotterdam since i really liked the interesting architecture. The tour was super fun and i thought our tour guide was really entertaining. She was really fun and did a great of mixing jokes, history, and general [...]

Day 3 – Rohan

Today was our Austria day. After an early wakeup, we boarded the train for Austria. In all honestly, before today I only thought of Innsburg as a Ski town and had low expectations for the visit. After arriving, I was blown away with the medieval architecture that we witnessed during our walking tour. This picture [...]

Day 2 – Rohan

This was a really busy day with our walking tour, BMW headquarters, and Olympic Village. I really liked the walking tour and thought that we really got a good feel for the culture and history of that city. The BMW headquarters was something ive been waiting for as a person with interest in cars. I [...]

Day 1 – Rohan Mansukhani

Day 1 was the mainly the long travel day. After a long day of planes and trains, we finally to go the hotel before our first exploration. We went to the concentration camp which was a great experience. I really liked our tour guide and thought we had lots of enthusiasm toward the history of [...]