Day 6 – 03/19/2022 – Rotterdam pt.2 – Chase

Today was the final day in Rotterdam. It's bittersweet that we are leaving tomorrow, but it was a great and fast week. This was the latest that we were able to sleep in with our meeting starting around 10 am. We went for a bike ride around the harbor, this was one of the best [...]

Day 5 – 03/18/2022 – Amsterdam – Chase

Today is the day most of us have been waiting for; Amsterdam! I was incredibly excited, not just for Amsterdam, but for The Hague as well. Girl with a Pearl Earring is on display there and the building itself is beautiful. We stopped and watched a live interview with the Climate Official. From The Hague, [...]

Day 3 – Rotterdam Travel Day – 03/16/2022 – Chase

Today was a full day three. Every day of this trip has just started earlier and earlier, but that has meant we are able to fit more and more into it! Starting off with a very quick breakfast in Munich we ran our way to the central train station, boarding that as quick as we [...]

Day 2 / 3 – Innsbruck – 3/15/2022 – Chase

Day 1 was a big travel day, DC was snowed in and apparently Frankfurt was the only connection I could grab. So, Innsbruck turned into day 2 instead of day 3. It started our earlier than yesterday with a quick breakfast and a 3 hour bus ride into Innsbruck, Austria. Innsbruck is one of the [...]

Day 1 – Munich 3/14/2022 – Chase Ackerman

Munich day 1 started out quiet and easy with a breakfast and brisk walk around. The day really started once we met our guide Alex. She brought us all over the city, from one end to the other. Statues of famous historical figures throughout German history were seen along the way to markets and sites. [...]