Day 4 – Delft Windmills and Commerce Comp – 3/17/2022 – Chase

Thursday was one of our biggest days yet. We started off with having to read a case study on the Tesla Model 3 on the train the day before. That case study would come in handy for later today when we were meeting with president Emma and her peers in their club. For the actual day, we started with a quick tour in Delft, my favorite city yet. That moved onto some very cool windmills and quickly checked out those as our important activity was at the University here near Rotterdam. That activity was dissecting the case study with their students and presenting our findings and solutions. Right after that wrapped up, we had dinner on the massive boat the ss Rotterdam. It was very impressive and the food and company were incredible. I can’t get into the stories or topics of conversation, but it was wonderful eating with them!

Big day tomorrow with the Hague and Amersterdam!