Day 3 – Rotterdam Travel Day – 03/16/2022 – Chase

Today was a full day three. Every day of this trip has just started earlier and earlier, but that has meant we are able to fit more and more into it! Starting off with a very quick breakfast in Munich we ran our way to the central train station, boarding that as quick as we could for a long 4 hours to Frankfurt. The European train system is incredible, fast, and left-right on time, the seats are better than any plane I’ve been on as well. Frankfurt, however, was just the connector. It was also quite the quick connector. We ran from one train to the next, those doors closing before we even had a chance to sit down. Once again on our way getting to Amsterdam in another 4 hours and Rotterdam in an extra 30 or so. Right from the train, we made a pitstop by the hotel to drop our stuff off and right into the walking tour. We tried about 4 or 5 different food items, all high carb count and delicious. Stops along the tour gave us time for pictures and to chat, one-stop for Port wine and cheese! We ended our night with a water taxi, which allowed us the chance to see the skyline by water and a beer at a local bar. Their soup of the day was coffee.

We are off to Delft tomorrow and I am very excited as I’ve been waiting to check out the clay and pottery!