Day 5 – 03/18/2022 – Amsterdam – Chase

Today is the day most of us have been waiting for; Amsterdam! I was incredibly excited, not just for Amsterdam, but for The Hague as well. Girl with a Pearl Earring is on display there and the building itself is beautiful. We stopped and watched a live interview with the Climate Official. From The Hague, we jumped on a 40-minute train straight into Amsterdam Central. Quick lunch and a tour from our tour guide Peter and we were released on our own to check out the city! Most of us dispersed to walk around different areas, I went straight for the botanical gardens. They had a butterfly enclosure to walk around at. Once we were done there we hit thrifts and down to dinner. Dinner was at a nice cafe looking over the canals. We finished off the night with a quick walk down the red light district, which was particularly interesting, and grabbed the train back!