Day 3 – Rotterdam(last day)

Today is the last day for our study board trip. We would go to Delft to go check out an old church building. We were able to climb up the old stairs used by the church to get to the top of the building. Finally we ended the trip with a nice dinner with a [...]

Day 2 – Rotterdam

On this day we had a bike tour of the city. We got to see some builds of the city and how bikers have an area where they can ride underground to parts of the city of Rotterdam. With the bike ride ending by the shore eating some cookies that are made here

Day 1 – Rotterdam

Today we got to have a tour of the city of Rotterdam. On this tour we got to see cool buildings and monuments of the city. We also were given a tour of some of the famous food people ate here like their fries with a peanut butter sauce.

Day 3 – Hamburg

Today we took a walking tour of the city to see important buildings of Hamburg. Next we went to Miniatur Wunderland. Here we looked at small versions of the city and other cities from different countries.

Day 2 – Hamburg

Today we started off the day going on a boat tour. We were able to see some cool historic buildings and different ships out at sea. Next we went to the prototype museum to look at concept cars that were never sold to the public. That was my favorite part of today. 

Day 1 – Hamburg

Today we had a guided tour of a fames location where the Beetles were in Hamburg. We also got to see where other fames artist used to play and the history in hamburg.

Day 3 – Prague

Today we visited the Skoda museum where we learned that this car company started off as a bike company. I found this yo be a very interesting fact. We also got to see some of its famous rally cars that won the company championships. 

Day 2 – Prague

Today we started off the morning going on a tour of the city. We stopped by monuments and important statue’s. In the afternoon we stopped by the Comunist Museum to learn the history and impacts to Czech Republic. Here we learned about many Comunist achievements and about the fight for independence by the country.

Day 1 – Prauge

On day 5, we moved to our new hotel and waved goodbye to Munich and started  our six hour drive to Prague. Once we finally arrived in Prague we got settled into our new hotel real quick and went to an old Soviet Union underground bunker. From there we got to see old Soviet technology, [...]

Day 3 – Munich

Today we went to Munich's FC Bayern Munchen areana. While there we got to sit in the stands where they have the teams logos at, and we got go inside the locker room were the players get dress before the game. After this we were given sometime to ourselves to look around Munich on our [...]