Day 14 Trip back home

Today we took about an hour and a half ride to the Amsterdam airport. Then we took about a 9hr plane ride back to the states. This was a very fun trip it was bittersweet leaving some new friends I made, but I 100% recommend this trip for everyone I had so much fun!

Day 10 Rotterdam Netherlands

Today we spent our morning traveling from Hamburg to Rotterdam. After getting to Rotterdam we went on a food tour where we tried their famous fries and mayo, krokett’s, and more. This day I also won our quiz at the end of the tour and got a championship soccer scarf.

Day 8 Hamburg Germany 5/22/22

Today we took a boat tour around Hamburg and I got some good pictures of the cargo ships and some of the other ships/boats in the water. We also went to a prototype museum where we saw some cool cars that were a bit expensive to be finished.

Day 7 Hamburg Germany 5/21/22

Today we took a train from Prague to Hamburg. It was about a 7 hour train ride. Upon arrival we went to the strip. It reminds you a lot like NY or Las Vegas. On the strip I got food from this hole in the wall place, it was great. Then we took a tour [...]

Day 6 Prague 5/20/22

Today we went to the Skoda Museum. It was nice seeing European engineered cars that we cannot see in the US. Later that evening I wondered to find a bathroom and ran into a really cool steel museum. Skoda Museum

Day 3 Munich Germany

Day 3 in Munich we visited the Bayern Munchen Soccer Stadium. It was very nice and a great scenery. Fun fact their stadium does not have a roof so even when it rains the rain just goes on the grass. There culture is that soccer is an outside sport.