Rotterdam Day 3: 5/26

I spent the last day in Rotterdam relaxing and walking around the center. I absolutely loved the food here. Definitely will miss it. Out of all of the cities on the trip I would come back to the Netherlands first.

Rotterdam Day 2: 5/25

Today we went on bike tour around Rotterdam. I loved the experience because it allowed me to get a feel what it was like to commute as a local. I was not aware that they didn’t use cars as often as bikes which is really cool!

Rotterdam Day 1: 5/24

Today was one of my favorite days from the trip. The food tour was amazing. I would have to say my favorite dish was the stroopwafel. The architecture here is very interesting, I love the modern look!

Hamburg Day 3: 5/23

Today we took a walking tour around Hamburg. It was cool to get a better vibe of the city. The Miniature Wonderland was absolutely spectacular! The amount of detail put into it was insane.

Hamburg Day 2: 5/22

Today we took a boat tour and I am very thankful I did not get seasick. The view was spectacular! This was my first time ever seeing a ship so close. We also took a look in the Prototyp Automuseum. They had some crazy looking models in there. Awesome experience!

Hamburg Day 1: 5/21 

After being in Hamburg for a few hours I could already feel the difference from Munich. The Reeperbahn was very interesting to say the least. I was able to try döner and it was very delicious!

Prague Day 3: 5/20

Today we toured the Skoda Facility. It was awesome to learn so much about a car company I have never heard of. The most interesting model was the “Ferat Vampire”. Instead of the car using petrol it used the human blood of the driver through the acceleration pedal. 

Prague Day 2: 5/19

Today we took a tour around the city. It felt as if I saw a piece of interesting art on every building. We also went inside the Museum of Communism. I realized that had very little knowledge about Communism, so it was great to more about it.

Prague Day 1: 5/18

On our ride from Munich to Prague it was really cool to see that there not a speed limit on the left lane of the autobahn. I definitely need to give it a try! Going to the Communist Nuclear Bunker was a great experience. I was really impressed with the technology and equipment that was [...]

Munich Day 3

Today we toured Allianz Arena. I absolutely loved the design of the stadium. I knew a pretty good amount about soccer beforehand but the tour guide did a great job providing all of the important details of FC Bayern München and the sport in general.