Our last day was a trip to Delft, home of Vermeer and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the classic windmills.

5/24/22 – Rotterdam

Our first day In Rotterdam was a busy day with a number of adventures to be had. A food tour of Dutch specialties and the beautiful architecture of the city.


As a relatively quiet day, we took a tour of the Minatare Museum in Hamburg and explored a miniscule planet Earth.

5-22-2022 – Hamburg

Still in Hamburg, we took a boat tour of the port and afterward I paid a visit to Hamburg's famed Kunsthalle or Art Museum, to see The Wandering in person. This is one of my favorite paintings in the world.

Day 6 – 5/20/2022

It was a pretty light day tour-wise, a short tour of the Skoda museum and we have free reins for the rest of the time. I spent my evening at the State Opera, just a block or so from the hotel, seeing the latest production of La Traviata. Later, touring the city by night and [...]

Day 4 – 5/19/2022

Departing from Munich was as sad as it was exciting. True, we were leaving behind a wonderful city; but we were getting the opportunity to meet a new one. Prague! Capital of the Czech Republic, it's history stretches back centuries and its influence and importance remains to this day!

Day 3 – 5/17/2022

Hallo! From our last day in Munich! It won't be easy to leave the city, it's beautiful, interesting, and full of fascinating nooks and crannies to find interesting things. We spent the morning visiting the Munich football stadium and the rest of the day was for us to explore as we saw fit. A fact [...]