Day 1: Made it to Frankfurt/Munich!-Charlotte Yeung

Last night, one of the students had his flight suddenly change to a flight to Athens with a connection at Frankfurt. Frankfurt is about 4 hours away. The student didn’t want to go alone. I was the only other student without a checked bag in limbo so I volunteered to go. We went to the counter and they said to wait until the last 10 minutes of boarding time to see if we could get onto the plane.

Not only did we get on, we also got another flight from Frankfurt to Munich!

It was nice. I’ve never been to Europe so even seeing the shores of UK from a distance made me excited.

We ended up missing that flight due to delays but it was easy getting a new flight at the Frankfurt airport. There was a delicious sandwich that I had there.

Sandwiches at Frankfurt. I had the one at the bottom right and it made the stress of the last day worth it.

We landed at Munich and I lost my passport. Fortunately, I was able to recover it within a few minutes. Munich is fascinating since it’s a mix of old and new architecture. You’ll see artifices that look like they’re from 200 years ago and then a modern statue in front of it. We took the U-Bahn which was clean and quiet. It’s comparable to Japan and Hong Kong’s trains for efficiency and cleanliness.

Munich’s Airport

We lugged our suitcases to Höfbrauhaus where we met up with the rest of the study abroad group. I had their famous beer (I’m legal in Germany). They serve it in this enormous glass cup that looks like it’s part of a comedy set or a Disney sketch. German beer tastes a lot better than American or Mexican beer. It has more flavor and isn’t as bitter. I also had a dish that was made up of fried potatoes, chicken cutlets, and these sweet, Cranberry-like elderberry sauce. The food was delicious. Everything was in an enormous portion.


I was exhausted from the 30-something hours of airport travel so I walked with some other people to our hotel.

Random statue in the park

By the time I got into my room, my vision started tilting so I took a shower and went straight to bed. It’s only been a day but Munich is already one of the best cities I’ve been to.