Day 0.5: Stranded in Virginia-Charlotte Yeung

Today was a bit of a surprise. I arrived at the Indy airport and met some of the other people at our study abroad. We were very excited and everyone had different majors ranging from CS to Communications. Because of snow, our flight was delayed. We played some card games. By the time we got onto our flight to Dulles International Airport, it wasn’t super clear that we could get to our next flight, which was the flight to Munich. We touched down right when our flight to Munich took off. United rescheduled another flight to Munich for tomorrow which means that we will miss the visit to Dachau Concentration Camp. We have 1 day in Germany then we need to move to Rotterdam. We ended up standing in line at the lone United Airlines Customer Service counter while Jim asked around. About half of the whole study abroad group is stranded at the Dulles International Airport with most of the people here without their luggage. Currently, we’re trying to figure out if we can transfer our flight for tomorrow to one tonight that goes to Frankfurt, whether or not we will be reimbursed if we get a hotel near the airport tonight, if the other students can get their luggage and where, and where to get food.

On the bright side, there was a nice sunset on the plane, they gave us Stroopwafels, and everyone has been nice so far.

Sunset from the plane
First time having a Stroopwafel! It had a sweet, caramel taste that worked well with the crunch of the waffle.
DC from the plane.

This trip had a rocky start but I think things will work out 🙂

-Charlotte Yeung