3-13 Munich Day 1

Beginning the trip to with a visit to Dachau is a rather sobering experience. Whilst surrounded by the grey concentration camp buildings, one can’t help but feel the chill of the past, a sort of spiritual unease that comes with a place that is haunted by so many dark memories. Although not ‘enjoyable’ in the conventional sense of the word, there is definitely something special about the opportunity to visit such memorials to the tragedies that mankind can inflict on itself. In a more positive cultural memory, dinner at the Hofbrauhaus heavily played into the stereotypical German image both in terms of the cuisine and music. I never thought about it before, but the merry and laid-back attitude that comes with this atmosphere is in stark contrast to the rational, humorless attitude represented by the low indulgence score on the Hofstede rankings. It’ll be interesting to continue to observe how this contradiction plays out.

Michael Pilipchuk