Day 7- Rotterdam

Today was one of the latest start times of this trip. To take advantage of this, I still woke up earlier to wander the morning city. I hadn't accounted for it to do be sleeping though (early Saturday morning). On the bright side, empty streets let me enjoy the quiet time. The group bike tour [...]

Day 6 – Hague, Amsterdam

Another early start to an exciting adventure-filled day. The morning commenced with a trip to the Hague. Apparently since some sort of government meeting was bound to go on because while we were there, we saw the minister of the environment and the minister of health. The openness with which we could stand a few [...]

Day 5- Rotterdam

After an early start and a bus ride to Delft, a walking tour through the slowly waking city unveiled the historic city. Severe damage during the second world war led to a very modernized Rotterdam, so Delft's antiquity made it an interesting contrast. The windmills we visited next were also rather scenic.The collaboration with Erasmus [...]

Day 4 – Rotterdam

Prior to leaving Munich this morning, I took one last stroll through the quiet morning streets. It really is a pleasant city. Train travel is a greatly underappreciated form of travel in the United States. The ICE system provides an efficient, smooth, and quiet way to move between cities and countries. Using a series of [...]

Innsbruck – Day 3

Innsbruck - the bridge over the river Inn. Today's day trip into the crossroads city located about 30 minutes from Germany and Italy was a brief, but incredible look into the city nestled in the Alps. The capital of the Tirol region is both beautiful and full of history and the walking tour and free [...]

3/14/2022- Munich Day 2

One of the traits that the Hofstede rankings emphasized for Germany was practicality. This playswell with (a rather interesting) law in Munich- that 1% of construction costs need to be earmarked forart. Thus, to dedicate money to heritage preservation while still fulfilling this requirement, TUM (one ofMunich’s technical universities) used the art fund to save [...]

3-13 Munich Day 1

Beginning the trip to with a visit to Dachau is a rather sobering experience. Whilst surrounded by the grey concentration camp buildings, one can’t help but feel the chill of the past, a sort of spiritual unease that comes with a place that is haunted by so many dark memories. Although not ‘enjoyable’ in the [...]