3/14/2022- Munich Day 2

One of the traits that the Hofstede rankings emphasized for Germany was practicality. This plays
well with (a rather interesting) law in Munich- that 1% of construction costs need to be earmarked for
art. Thus, to dedicate money to heritage preservation while still fulfilling this requirement, TUM (one of
Munich’s technical universities) used the art fund to save old stained-glass windows during their
remodels. I just found that to be a creative way to complete both tasks, while saving some beautiful
This morning, I got up a little earlier to be able to wander around the city center for a while
before joining the group for a walking tour. The weather was incredible and the tour guide was very
knowledgeable, describing Munich’s history is substantial detail. Next, we visited BMW Welt and the
Olympic Park. Unfortunately, Corona restrictions canceled the tour of the BWM factory which I had
been really looking forward to. At least we were still able to explore BMW’s largest showroom.

-Michael Pilipchuk