Prague day 3

I had a good time at the skoda factory looking at how the vehicles are produced. I also explored the city and tried new foods. I had a great time and am ready to start exploring Hamburg.

Day 6 – Prague – 05/19/2023

Today’s excursion included going to a Skoda car manufacturing factory as well as visiting the Skoda museum. After that, I visited the technology museum of Prague and viewed their exhibits. I enjoyed this museum because I was able to learn about Prague’s history and who their important technological figures are.

Prague Day 2 (May 18 2023)

Today we took a tour of the museum of communism and most of Prague. Prague is a beautiful city and I enjoyed all of the sites and insight into their tradition and history dating back all the way to the year 800. I would love to come back to Prague and really soak up the [...]

Day 5 – Prague – 05/18/2023

Today’s activity consisted of a city walking tour! I got the chance to see all the beautiful sights there are to see around Prague. After this walking tour, I dined at a couple of local restaurants that were extremely delicious. The food and sights in Prague are nothing like anything I have ever seen.

Prague Day 2

I had a great time today exploring the city today. The astronomical clock was very cool to see in person. I also enjoyed visiting the castle and seeing the city from such a high point. The views were insane. The churches we visited were also massive and it’s crazy to think they were built such [...]

First day in Prague

I had a great first day in Prague. I really enjoyed the communist bunker tour. I learned a lot about the culture of Prague. I also enjoyed waking around the city and exploring Prague. Can’t wait to explore more.

Day 4 – Prague – 05/17/2023

Today we left the beautiful city of Munich to Prague via bus. We experienced the speedy Autobahn on the way here. Once here, we toured a communist nuclear bunker from the Cold War. I love military history so this was an absolutely wonderful learning experience and one that I will definitely always remember! Prague has [...]

Munich Day 3

Today was Awesome, I wasn’t expecting to like the BMW factory because I don’t know much about cars but it was so fun to see how the whole process works. I also loved touring the stadium because it’s the stadium of my favorite soccer team! I’m sad to leave Munich tomorrow but I’m excited to [...]

Last Day in Munich

I had a great time today going to BMW and to FC Bayern. I have never been a huge soccer fan but now I definitely have a team to root for. I did not realize how big soccer stadium truly are. Working at BMW made going on the Munich plant tour so much cooler as [...]

Munich Day 2

Today was still an adjustment from the jet leg but it was so much fun exploring the City. It was truly a day of adventure from seeing the palace to Dachau. Both were so full of history and like nothing I have ever seen before.