Day 7- Rotterdam

Today was one of the latest start times of this trip. To take advantage of this, I still woke up earlier to wander the morning city. I hadn’t accounted for it to do be sleeping though (early Saturday morning). On the bright side, empty streets let me enjoy the quiet time.

The group bike tour was informative and bright me closer to there doing harbor than I had ever been before. No matter how many times one hears about the size of these ships, it doesn’t do much to prepare you for getting up close to them. An incredible sight to behold.

After being set loose on the city again I got to do one of my favorite things- just wander and look around. In my experience, this is one of the best ways to see a city- not too informative in terms of history, but gives an honest look at the everyday lives of the local citizens.

-Michael Pilipchuk