Day 6 – Hague, Amsterdam

Another early start to an exciting adventure-filled day. The morning commenced with a trip to the Hague. Apparently since some sort of government meeting was bound to go on because while we were there, we saw the minister of the environment and the minister of health. The openness with which we could stand a few dozen feet from government officials giving interviews with minimal police presence is really astounding, especially when compared to the security preserves at the White House or the Capitol. Then, during a visit to an art museum, we were able to see original Rembrandts and Vermeers.
After taking the train to Amsterdam, the walking tour continued. Of the cities in the Netherlands that we’ve visited, Amsterdam is, without a doubt, the most chaotic and bustling. I do mean it in a positive way, as it felt very much alive. Once again, I must complement the local public transportation- every city to city transit was smooth and convenient.

-Michael Pilipchuk