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There’s something so exciting about venturing to a place where everyone is of the same purpose. The collective understanding that yourself, and the surroundings of connections around you is the network and net worth of all your dedication and discipline.  The drive to Galt House felt like the primal understanding of this purpose. We as […]

Day 3 – Rotterdam(last day)

Today is the last day for our study board trip. We would go to Delft to go check out an old church building. We were able to climb up the old stairs used by the church to get to the top of the building. Finally we ended the trip with a nice dinner with a […]

Europe Trip Day 12

On the 12th day we decided to take a trip to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a very bizarre and unique place compared to the US. The trip as a whole will be something I will remember for a very long time and hope to visit these countries again in the future.

Day 12 – Ben Spotts

Today was our last day touring in Europe, as most of us are flying home tomorrow. We got an early start and went to Delft. This was a well preserved old town, where the Royal Family was buried. They no longer have power, but are universally honored and supported by todays citizens. Their color was […]

Rotterdam Day 3-05/25/2022

On our final day we started with a trip into Holland. We arrived by bus to Delft first, a sleepy Dutch town where small canals ran along the old storefronts, lined with little cafes and coffee shops. After a brief break, we climbed the narrow steps of the church tower. Winding our way around the […]

Day 12

Today is the last day and it was pretty fun. We started by walkthing through the city of delft and then looking at cool historical windmills. Most of the day was preparing to leave and having a last walk through of the city with a steak dinner at the end of the day. 

Rotterdam Day 3

Today is our last day of the study abroad. I am very upset that it has to be over already, and I have to say that it was some of he most fun I’ve had ever. Today we went to a small town and got to climb to the top of a church constructed in […]

Day 3 and last Day in Rotterdam

For our last day in Rotterdam, a tour bus picked us up early in the morning to go discover the city of Delft and its new church where members of William of Orange family are buried. The new church is located in Hugo de Groot square as well as the city Hall of the town. […]

JVieth Rotterdam Day 3: Delft & Ancient Windmills of Kinderdyke

I really enjoyed Delft. It felt like a better glimpse of what living a life in the Netherlands could look like. It was a beautiful town. Everything felt small, calm, routine, and at home. I stopped in a cafe and had a waffle and cappuccino. Then we checked out the old windmills. My favorite part […]


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