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Day 11 Max Murray

Last day in Europe. Definitely feel my body starting to wear down. Wanted to get up early and run but my body told me nope. Our first tour of the day involved seeing the windmills. It was interesting seeing the way people lived in them and how they operated as irrigation pumps. After that we […]

Day 11 Rotterdam- Chris W

Today was our last full day in Europe and what better way to end it than with the most interactive tour yet…a bike tour of the port. This by far was my favorite tour because it was so interactive and biking allowed us to see so much more of the port. It was very interesting […]

Day 11 – Sean Taylor

Last day in Europe. It’s been fun and I want everyone to know it’s worth it to go and study abroad. I want to end by saying the bike tour was the best.

Day 11 – Study Abroad – Charles

Seeing and being able to utilize the bike lanes spanning all across the city was a real highlight to the trip for me personally. Having been my favorite method of travel back when I was younger it brought out some great memories going through the old neighborhoods and streaking downhill in the underground paths at […]

Day 11 Cody Phillips

Today is the day before I go back home to Indiana. So this last reflection is just to let you all know this has been enjoyable experience going around Europe and making new friends on this SA. Cody Phillips

Day 11 Rotterdam – Kaitlyn Grace

Day 11 – Rotterdam The highlight of my day would have to be dinner at Rhoon Castle. The location was beautiful, and the dinner they served was delicious. I’m glad we had the opportunity to network a little bit with some of the Rotary members in and around our meal.

Day 10 Rotterdam – Kaitlyn Grace

Day 10 – Rotterdam Getting to Rotterdam was certainly taxing, what with all the train rides, but I’m happy to find that it’s a beautiful city. I’m artistic, so seeing all statues, installations, and paintings around the city was super interesting. The nightlife also seems really cool.

Day 10 Cody Phillips

Today I had a long train ride Rotterdam. Then had a city tour and food tasting of Rotterdam which was pretty cool. Also got to see the cube houses Cody phillips

Day 10 Rotterdam- Chris W

Rotterdam is a melting pot of cultures and is full of diversity because many groups of people have moved here and brought their cultures with them. This was very obvious when we took the food tour because the food origins came from a wide variety of other countries. Normally, once a food is brought into […]

Day 10 Rotterdam- Zach Zumbuhl

Today we arrived in Rotterdam and the city is awesome! The food tour took us to the cathedral which is one of the only original buildings due to being in the center of the city. The city now is very modern. The cafes serves coffee among other twists you may not find in the states. […]


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