Day 3: Innsbruck-Charlotte Yeung

We went to Innsbruck, Austria today! It was incredible seeing the Alps. The feeling of seeing these incredible peaks is similar to listening to a grand orchestral piece like Sibelius Violin Concerto. We had a fascinating tour around the medieval center of the city, learned about it’s important economic origins (place through which trade between Germany and Italy took place among other things), and had a lot of incredible food. Austria is an incredible country with stunning scenery. I also ate an elderberry and currant cake (I saw Anvi get it and bought it immediately), bought enough chocolate for a small army, and walked around the city. I wish I could have stayed longer but it was nice. We visited a baroque church that was created by the same guy who designed Asimkirche (which I saw a few days ago on my own :0). We had dinner at a fantastic restaurant in Munich (I ended up having apple strudel for the second time that day), listened to Dr. Scott’s travels, and walked around with Jessica in the streets of Munich while singing ‘Alouette’ in the rain.