Day 3: Innsbruck and Munich – Jessica Lyng

The main part of our day was traveling to and exploring Innsbruck, Austria. It may be three hours away from Munich, but the views are a solid 11/10.


Just traveling towards Innsbruck was a great experience. This was mainly in the form of the scenery we passed by, especially as we got closer to the Alps. They were a magnificent sight to see, and as we drove over the mountains and down towards the valley Innsbruck was situated in, they were especially gorgeous. As we walked through the old city center, it was as if we had traveled back in time. Everything was so quaint, and the architecture was stunning, especially the Golden Roof. Our walking tour and our walking tour guide were also phenomenal, especially as she explained the history of the city and just how close it is to other cities and even other countries (Italy is 30 km from Innsbruck, and so is Munich). During our tour, we stopped by the main church of the city, which looked grand from the outside, but it was nothing compared to its interior. Simply put, it was one of the most opulent places I had ever been in. It costed 1 euro to be able to take photos, but it was so worth it. Being able to walk around on our own was great as well, especially when my group and I walked up the city tower and took in the view from up there, which was fantastic. You could see the whole city up there, and the only drawback was that there were so. many. stairs. I also got to satisfy my tourist urges by buying souvenirs I don’t need and too much chocolate, none of which I regret. I simply wished we had more time to explore the entire city, as an hour and a half was too little. Maybe next time.


This was a really nice place to eat and hang out. I didn’t order a beer, since I don’t think I would have been able to finish it, but I was perfectly satisfied with the food. The apple strudel at the end was super tasty, especially with a little bit of the cream we were provided. All in all, I mainly enjoyed going here because I talked to others I was as familiar with before. I’m the type of person to stick to my own group, but it was nice to talk and laugh with others.

Evening in Munich

I didn’t think I would do much at the end of tonight, and in some ways I didn’t. However, I walked around Munich for a while with Charlotte as we talked about all sorts of things and making sure we didn’t venture down too dark or too sketchy of a street. Munich feels so different at night, especially since there aren’t many people outside late at night due to nothing being open. But I still enjoyed the walk. Charlotte sang a song in French, I lamented my lack of foreign language skills, and we generally had a good time. You don’t need to go to a bar to have some fun.