Day 3 and last Day in Rotterdam

For our last day in Rotterdam, a tour bus picked us up early in the morning to go discover the city of Delft and its new church where members of William of Orange family are buried. The new church is located in Hugo de Groot square as well as the city Hall of the town. [...]

Day 2 in Rotterdam

Today, we enjoyed the visite of The Hague (or Haags). It's the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands. It's also the capital of the province of South Holland, and it hosts The International Court of Justice as well as the International Criminal Court. So, we went to the government office headquarter (The Binnenhof) and [...]

Day 1 in Rotterdam

We sadly left Hamburg this morning on board of the trans-regional train, and after a couple of exchanges,we made it to Rotterdam in Netherland. We enjoyed the train ride. It was a great and new experience. Ounce we arrived, a guide lady helped us get to our hotel. Then, after checking in our rooms, we [...]

Day 3 in Hamburg

Day 3 in Hamburg was a discovery day of the city of Hamburg by walking. Our city tour lady took us from our hotel this morning throughout the city while showing us significant places and telling us the history related to them. We enjoyed the walk that took us to Hamburg University, to the park [...]

Day 2 in Hamburg

Today, we went to the city port of Hamburg, the largest seaport in Germany situated between the North Sea and the Baltic sea. It's the 2nd biggest container port in Europe, and the 11th biggest in the world. It was surprising to see how impressive and important it is by its role in Europe supply [...]

Day 1 in Hamburg

Early this morning, we left Prague via the regional train to Hamburg. It took us about 7h25mn and we made it to Hamburg safety. Then, after checking in our hotel we relaxed a little before taking the train to REEPERBAHN where we met our tour guy who took us to historical places among which the [...]

Day 3 in Prague: Visit of SKODA auto-manufacturing Museum.

Today went by quickly because we will be heading to Hamburg early tomorrow. So, after having breakfast, we went do our laundry. Then, for lunch, we went enjoy a typical Tchecoslovacian cuisine before our excursion to SKODA Auto-manufacturing Museum. And ounce again, its history throughout the 19 century was impacted by wars with the influence [...]

Day 2 in Prague

After having breakfast this morning at the hotel, we went to explore Prague with our tour lady. She took us throughout the city of Prague making us discover the two parts of the of what represents the actual city: the old and the new one. We went first the National Museum where the history of [...]

Day 1 in Prague-Tcheck Republic

After three days spent in Munich-Germany, we took the highway to Prague on board of a bus. We enjoyed the ride on a highway similar to those of the U.S.. It was surprising to see the influence of the United states in Central Europe. However, once we arrived in Prague, we discovered an architectural inheritance [...]