Day 3 in Hamburg

Day 3 in Hamburg was a discovery day of the city of Hamburg by walking. Our city tour lady took us from our hotel this morning throughout the city while showing us significant places and telling us the history related to them. We enjoyed the walk that took us to Hamburg University, to the park with a historical shelter, to the city lake near the U.S. Consulate in Hamburg. We were surprised to see that it was a little version of the White House. Then, we continued our walk alongside the lake before crossing the memorable Kennedy Bridge on the lake toward the city Center. On our way to the city Center, we saw an amazing building dating after the WW II with the inscription Hapag-Lloyd AG. It reminds people of Hamburg as straders’ city. Our walking journey has continued toward the City Hall square, inside the City Hall, and other historic places around the City Hall. We also visited St. Michael’s Cathedral before reaching the port of Hamburg. Then, the Miniature Wunderland and St. Nikolai Museum with an elevator ride to the top of its remaining tower. The view of the City Center from the top of the tower is splendid and beautiful. We finally end the walking day at a grocery store before heading back to where we started, our hotel. We had a great and memorable day. Thanks to the tour lady and to our group leader. (Here are some Pictures).