Day 2 in Hamburg

Today, we went to the city port of Hamburg, the largest seaport in Germany situated between the North Sea and the Baltic sea. It’s the 2nd biggest container port in Europe, and the 11th biggest in the world. It was surprising to see how impressive and important it is by its role in Europe supply chain toward the North. We enjoyed a guided boat ride which allowed us to see the amazing infrastructure and equipments of the port as well as the size the boats accosted or departing from there. Another surprise was the fact that there are businesses alongside the port where people come to enjoy food and take tour to visit the port. We really enjoyed our excursion there. Other than the Hamburg city port, we visited the Prototyp Automuseum full of auto designs we have never seen before, some were branded VW, AUDI, PORSCHE, etc., and the Maritimes Museum full of artifacts and their related stories. We even heard about a place dedicated to Boilers called “The Boilerman Bar.” (See pictures).