Day 2 in Prague

After having breakfast this morning at the hotel, we went to explore Prague with our tour lady. She took us throughout the city of Prague making us discover the two parts of the of what represents the actual city: the old and the new one. We went first the National Museum where the history of Tchécoslovaquia is exposed from before WW II to the “end” of the cold war symbolized by the fall of the Wall of Berlin. We aldo went see the astronomical clock, the powder hate, and other fantastic places among which, the famous bridge of Charles that leads to Campa Island. Then, after about 3 hours of break, we ended the with a group dinner at a restaurant where technological innovations is used in a practical way to convey food and drink to customers. We were amazed by what we saw. So far, we have a wonderful day, and are looking forward for the next to come. (Here are some interesting pictures: