Day 1 in Rotterdam

We sadly left Hamburg this morning on board of the trans-regional train, and after a couple of exchanges,we made it to Rotterdam in Netherland. We enjoyed the train ride. It was a great and new experience. Ounce we arrived, a guide lady helped us get to our hotel. Then, after checking in our rooms, we rested for a couple of hours and went meet our city tour guides with who we had the best tour ever in the city Center. We visited some amazing places full of history and discovered a live and beautiful city where innovative modern architecture is making the city so attractive along with historical buildings. Some of the places we visited are: the MARHT HALL, Notre Dame cathedral, a building with a cubical design, the City Hall, the glass museum, etc. We ended the tour with a boat ride at the Rotterdam port and it Maritime Museum full of trade history with the United states. And by the way! Tasting of the Dutch cuisine was included in the tour and made it more exciting. It was unique experience. (Here are some pictures).