Day 3 in Prague: Visit of SKODA auto-manufacturing Museum.

Today went by quickly because we will be heading to Hamburg early tomorrow. So, after having breakfast, we went do our laundry. Then, for lunch, we went enjoy a typical Tchecoslovacian cuisine before our excursion to SKODA Auto-manufacturing Museum. And ounce again, its history throughout the 19 century was impacted by wars with the influence of the Germans and the Soviet. But, the company survived and is actually part of the group VW. The history of SKODA’s designs is made of a variety of all types of models ranging from luxurious cars to cars for the People. The company is doing well today because VW values SKODA’s technical input and tradition. Today, as part of VW group, the company is striving and it is surprising to their cars all over Europe. But, the influence of the Germans’ culture is very noticeable, as well as the Russians’. Here are some pictures: