Day 2 in Rotterdam

Today, we enjoyed the visite of The Hague (or Haags). It’s the administrative and royal capital of the Netherlands. It’s also the capital of the province of South Holland, and it hosts The International Court of Justice as well as the International Criminal Court. So, we went to the government office headquarter (The Binnenhof) and saw the minister of housing and habitat development giving a press conference. It was the big surprise of the day. We also saw the prime minister leaving the headquarter when we got there. Then, we had the opportunity to visit The Mauritshuis (Museum) where the government collection of hundreds of Dutch paintings (by Rembrandt and Vermeer) among which ” The Lady with the pearl earrings” are located. The afternoon was a bike tour of Notre Dame and the port of Rotterdam. We enjoyed it and had fun with our biking tour guide. (Pictures):