Day 12 – Ben Spotts

Today was our last day touring in Europe, as most of us are flying home tomorrow. We got an early start and went to Delft. This was a well preserved old town, where the Royal Family was buried. They no longer have power, but are universally honored and supported by todays citizens. Their color was [...]

Day 11 – Ben Spotts

Today was a very active day, since we had our bike tour! We got to ride through a section of the port of Rotterdam, amounting to approximately 10 miles. It was great seeing the city from the bicycle. I felt as if I were practicing some of their culture as a high percentage of the [...]

Day 10 – Ben Spotts

Today we made it to the Netherlands! I’m posting a little late since I wanted to get some pictures from my peers to post. The train ride was quite eventful; we had three stops and had to hurry to our connections! It is crazy to me that this such thing is normal here with travel. [...]

Day 9 – Ben Spotts

Today (yesterday at the time of this post) we went to the miniature wonderland: models of various places around the world. It was intriguing how much detail was put into the exhibits. I could have spent hours admiring the snapshot in time captured by the models. The artists made the models of the cities and [...]

Day 8 – Ben Spotts

Today was my last day with my family; I will miss them! It was very nice to share a last meal with them. We had BBQ ribs and they were great! Enrico then took me to the Hamburg airport where he works. It was cool to see the planes flying in and out, and how [...]

Day 7 – Ben Spotts

Today was my favorite day so far, because I got to see my family! I have cousins who are from Hamburg: Jakob, Pia, und Oskar. It was great seeing them again; nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I love. They showed me some good German food: Kebab /Döner. This dish is pita bread [...]

Day 6 – Ben Spotts

Today was our last day in Prague, and it was quite enjoyable. We had a group lunch and then toured the Škoda factory. The Škoda factory/museum was very cool. They make middle class vehicles and are a Volkswagen brand. It was very fun seeing their rally cars that compete in FRC2 competition. I enjoyed watching [...]

Day 5 – Ben Spotts

Today we had a wonderful walking tour of the city! It was very nice to see all of the architecture. One of the stops on our walk was the Communist Museum. This museum outline the history of socialism/communism, from Karl Marx to Russia and how it effected Czechoslovakia (now split). I’ve found that there is [...]

Day 4 – Ben Spotts

Today began with our journey to Prague from Munich, which was approximately six hours by bus. Oddly, when we stopped for a food/restroom break, our driver refused to resume our travel for approximately 40 minutes. A couple of us, including Prof. Tanoos, asked kindly to get going but the driver acted as if he did [...]

Day 3 – Ben Spotts

To start off, I had a large breakfast. I needed it because the jet lag and differences in food and drink have been making my stomach feel bad. I’ve found that here in Germany portions tend to be smaller, especially with breakfast, coffee, and desserts. Most people I’ve observed only have one cup of coffee [...]