Day 7 – Ben Spotts

Today was my favorite day so far, because I got to see my family! I have cousins who are from Hamburg: Jakob, Pia, und Oskar. It was great seeing them again; nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I love. They showed me some good German food: Kebab /Döner. This dish is pita bread with shaved chicken and vegetables, and tzatziki sauce. What is interesting is it is a very cross-cultural dish. It is Turkish, Greek, and German. This quality represents a similar “melting pot” characteristic of Germanys food culture that we also share in the United States. 

I talked to Rita and Enrico, my cousins parents (my aunt/uncle) and we discussed some differences between how we shop and eat food in the United States and Germany. A key difference is that the portions are smaller in order to sell things more freshly here. It is common to shop many times per week, while I am used to shopping once per week. As I’ve spent about one week here so far, I have definitely noticed a difference in the food. In the States, we also have similar small portioned fresh food, but I often don’t get it since it is more expensive (and I am in college ‘haha’). 

It was great to catch up with my family! Today was great and I’m looking forward to what tomorrow brings.