Day 5 – Ben Spotts

Today we had a wonderful walking tour of the city! It was very nice to see all of the architecture. One of the stops on our walk was the Communist Museum. This museum outline the history of socialism/communism, from Karl Marx to Russia and how it effected Czechoslovakia (now split). I’ve found that there is a lot of action taken here for education on socialism/communism and it’s harm. If I take a step back and evaluate some qualities of the countries we have explored I notice that the US, Germany, and Czech Republic focus much of there efforts on education and prevention of things that occurred and were harmful. For example, we in the US spend lots of time in school learning about slavery and MLK’s work in the civil rights movement, Germany educated extensively on the Holocaust, and Czech Republic does so with socialism/communism. Another interesting thing is each cross examines the others’ downfalls, as we also learn a lot about the Holocaust and dangers of socialism/communism. Going off of this information, I can conclude that these cultures stress not repeating our nightmares of the past. Whether our countries endured them or we saw others endure them from afar, the collective goal is to never repeat these mistakes. 

After the museum, we had free time. With this we went to a good viewpoint and then saw the oldest synagogue in the world! Prague is a beautiful city and I have enjoyed my time so far!