Day 9 – Ben Spotts

Today (yesterday at the time of this post) we went to the miniature wonderland: models of various places around the world. It was intriguing how much detail was put into the exhibits. I could have spent hours admiring the snapshot in time captured by the models. The artists made the models of the cities and landscapes down to the cars and people traveling them. They even had faces, and would move as if they were living in this mini-wonderland. I loved seeing the places I have been, such as München, Hamburg, Neuschwanstein castle, and even Las Vegas! I would love to go back, as I could spend hours there. My eyes grew tired, as well as my feet, so I had to leave earlier than I wanted to (also the group was waiting on me, oops!). 

In the evening, the local Hamburg Football club (soccer to us) had a huge match. It was the second of a series, where if they won they would advance to the top league. My cousin Oscar and his girlfriend took a large group of us to a local restaurant to watch the game. It was a lot of fun, as the soccer culture is incredibly active here in Europe. When the match began, you could feel the weight of the atmosphere grow heavier on your chest with the intensity of the local fans. We were instantly hooked into the game and were emotionally attached to Hamburg’s club, even tho many of us had never visited before. Sadly, we lost but the experience was unforgettable. I am debating buying a Hamburg jersey, since my family is from there and I feel I am attached to some extent. It was great seeing Oscar one last time before continuing on to Rotterdam. I’m extremely grateful for Prof. Tanoos coordinating this trip; it has been a wonderful time of both learning and reunion with my family. I’m excited to explore a new place in the Netherlands!