Day 6 – Ben Spotts

Today was our last day in Prague, and it was quite enjoyable. We had a group lunch and then toured the Škoda factory. The Škoda factory/museum was very cool. They make middle class vehicles and are a Volkswagen brand. It was very fun seeing their rally cars that compete in FRC2 competition. I enjoyed watching the videos of them racing through windy dirt roads and getting airborne. After this, I went to the Fat Cat for dinner with some friends. It was an American themed restaurant, and the food was very good. Many of us needed a taste of home since it has been almost a week already. It was interesting to see what the Slavic idea of American dining was, and it was pretty good. The portions were actually larger than what we are used to back home, and the environment was similar to a fancy sports bar. Their perception of us liking sports and lots of food was right, but probably a little exaggerated. All in all, I enjoyed my time in Prague, but am very excited for Hamburg tomorrow!