Day 8 – Ben Spotts

Today was my last day with my family; I will miss them! It was very nice to share a last meal with them. We had BBQ ribs and they were great! Enrico then took me to the Hamburg airport where he works. It was cool to see the planes flying in and out, and how he manages everything happening at once. We saw an AirBus A380 and it was enormous; It barely fit on the runway! 

With my class today, we took a boat tour of the Hamburg port. The ships were very large, and could hold over 10,000 containers. It was very interesting to see how our goods and services make their way around the world. These ships are extremely important, as worldly competition helps fuel the further advancement of technology. We then toured a concept car museum, which was one of my favorite events. I saw a new Porsche GT3RS and it was fascinating. The German engineering or their cars is at a very high level. There was also some F1 cars at the museum; they barely look like cars anymore but are extremely fast. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s events!