Rotterdam Day 3-05/25/2022

On our final day we started with a trip into Holland. We arrived by bus to Delft first, a sleepy Dutch town where small canals ran along the old storefronts, lined with little cafes and coffee shops. After a brief break, we climbed the narrow steps of the church tower. Winding our way around the [...]

Rotterdam Day 2-05/25/2022

Today we started the day with an optional trip to The Hague, the capital city of Netherlands. After about a 25 minute metro ride, we arrived. Since The Hague was not bombed during the war, the buildings were older, and canals stretched along the streets. We were basically able to walk right up to the [...]

Rotterdam Day 1-05/24/2022

Today was once again spent mostly traveling, this time from Hamburg to Rotterdam. We passed small Dutch towns and countryside spotted with cows and canals. After arriving in Amsterdam, we took a food/ walking tour of the city. Starting in the main square, we toured famous historical sites and modern attractions. At the end of [...]

Hamburg Day 3-05/23/2022

Today we started off with a walking tour of the city. We arrived at the lake to start, which was full if sailboats and ducks. Next, we moved to the main square, where the buildings were lined with white arches, which were lined with little cafes and designer shops. Finally, we ended the tour by [...]

Hamburg Day 2-05/22/2022

Today we started our long day with a boat tour of the port. The port was lined with small boats and fish vendors. On the boat we passed by massive freighters and American Navy ships. Halfway through, we got off the boat for lunch and a tour of the Porsche prototype museum. A few others [...]

Hamburg Day 1 -05/21/2022

Today was a travel day for us. We spent most of the day traveling through the German countryside by train. 6 hours later we arrived in Hamburg. We then headed straight to the Reeperbahn, a famous strip that seems like a mix between Nashville and Vegas. After taking a Beatles tour, we were let off [...]

Prague Day 3-05/20/2022

We spent the morning of our third day in Prague doing laundry. With the main laundry mat being full, I set out to find another laundry mat. After wandering the city for a bit, I was able to stumble across a small laundry place about 15 minutes from our hotel. Inside, the lady was very [...]

Prague Day 2 -05/19/2022

Today we started off with a walking tour of the city, d we saw famous sites such as the charles bridge and the communist museum. I accidentally was left behind, but was able to find the group again after a little while. Afterwards, a small group of us went to see the castle, beer museum, [...]

Prague Day 1-05/18/2022

Today we spent the morning traveling to Prague. We left Munich in a big charter bus driven by a big Czech man. The drive consisted mostly of fields and tiny little European towns. Once we crossed the border, the driver agreed to stop and let us get lunch. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we [...]

Munich Day 3-05/17/2022

Today we started off by visiting Bayern Munich’s stadium Allianz arena. The stadium is coated in what looks like a plastic bubble wrap that glows in different colors at night. Inside we toured the stands, tunnels, media area, and locker rooms. We were able to see the lockers and jerseys of players such as Lewandowski [...]