Prague Day 3-05/20/2022

We spent the morning of our third day in Prague doing laundry. With the main laundry mat being full, I set out to find another laundry mat. After wandering the city for a bit, I was able to stumble across a small laundry place about 15 minutes from our hotel. Inside, the lady was very excited and made me mark my hometown using a pin on her global map. I left my laundry with her, and made my way back to the hotel. From there, we left on a bus to visit the Skoda factory, where we got a museum tour and a brief look into the manufacturing process. We got back a litte early, which gave me just enough time to speedwalk over and get my laundry back before close. Finally, I ended the day by eating dinner at the American food themed restaurant, the fat cat. The place was full of other young, foreign teens and students from different countries. Afterward, we waked back through Prague in the rain.