Rotterdam Day 3-05/25/2022

On our final day we started with a trip into Holland. We arrived by bus to Delft first, a sleepy Dutch town where small canals ran along the old storefronts, lined with little cafes and coffee shops. After a brief break, we climbed the narrow steps of the church tower. Winding our way around the stairs was dizzying enough, but coupled with the old wooden floors and shallow ceiling made the climb even more scary. However, once at the top, we were treated with a 360 degree view of the city, even being able to make out the skyline of Rotterdam in the distance, making the climb completely worth it. Afterwards, we climbed down and headed to the town of Kinderdijk, a small and peaceful town where famous Dutch windmill homes stood along canals. We were even able to witness a wooden shoed resident stop and start the windmill. We ended the day at a restaurant called Encore, where we were treated with steaks and dessert. We even had a special Dutch guest, Casper, who was a former Purdue student and now owns a successful logistics company that operates in 24 different countries.