Prague Day 1-05/18/2022

Today we spent the morning traveling to Prague. We left Munich in a big charter bus driven by a big Czech man. The drive consisted mostly of fields and tiny little European towns. Once we crossed the border, the driver agreed to stop and let us get lunch. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, we stopped at a McDonalds of course. After about 15 minutes everyone was ready to hit the road again… except the driver. He took about another half an hour, sitting at a table outside the McDonalds alone, talking to someone on his phone and smoking. Eventually, we hit the road again and made it to Prague about 2 hours later. The traffic in the city was horrible, and horns blared as our driver weaved his way through the narrow streets. Our hotel was bigger than our tiny room in Munich, and it sits on a hill across from the Train station. During the afternoon, we went to the Main square, where we got lunch from the open air food vendors. We capped off the day by touring an old, extremely claustrophobic, soviet nuclear bunker. Afterwards, a small group of us went to see the sunset over the river. Finally, I ended the night by enjoying some white chocolate ice cream in a traditional chocolate chimney cake.