Munich Day 3-05/17/2022

Today we started off by visiting Bayern Munich’s stadium Allianz arena. The stadium is coated in what looks like a plastic bubble wrap that glows in different colors at night. Inside we toured the stands, tunnels, media area, and locker rooms. We were able to see the lockers and jerseys of players such as Lewandowski and Neuer. Afterward we had a free afternoon, so we decided to eat lunch at the bier garten in the English Garden. After making about 20 minutes of wrong turns, we finally arrived. Unlike yesterday, the bier garten was busy and full of Germans drinking beer. I had a schnitzel and apple strudel for lunch. I also bought what I thought was an orange soda, but it turned out to be wine. After, i returned to the old town to try to find a German National team scarf. After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally found one at an old retro store near our hotel.