Day 12 Rotterdam Netherlands 5/26/22

Colton Newton Today the group left the city and visited some neighboring areas. The focus of this trip was to see old Dutch villages in the style of the medieval times. Most people when they think of Dutch it is this they invison which is quite different from the modern cityscape of Rotterdam. Visiting a [...]

Day 11 Rotterdam Netherlands 5/25/22

Colton Newton Today the group took a bike tour of the city. Bikes are huge in the Netherlands. There are dedicated roadways for bikes because there are so many. The group toured the large ports in this city. Rotterdam is the largest port in Europe. There is a high priority on automation for the port. [...]

Day 10 Rotterdam Netherlands 5/24/22

Colton Newton Today the group traveled from Hamburg Germany to Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After our multi train ride over most of the day we still had enough time to take a city tour. The tour was the one of the better tours because it integrated many Netherlands food dishes into it. Rotterdam being completely [...]

Day 9 Hamburg Germany 5/23/22

Colton Newton The group today went on a walking tour of the city. It was very informative and showed perspective of the difference between high income area and low. The most interesting part was being able to go to the top of Saint Church which used to be the tallest building in the world. However [...]

Day 8 Hamburg 5/22/22

Today the group took a boat tour of the city. Before coming to Hamburg I wan unaware of its canals and ports so it was a welcomed suprise. From the canals it was possible to see all the modern buildings that decorate the landscape. Along with the building where a network of cargo crane systems [...]

Day 7 Hamburg 5/21/22

Colton Newton Today the group used the public high speed rail system that enterconnents many countries in Europe. Traveling from Prague Czech Republic to Hamburg Germany took around 6 hours. The system very much works like traveling by airplane. Assigned seats, overhead storage, and charging outlets. Over all very clean and modern with a car [...]

Day 6 Prague 5/20/22

Colton Newton The group activity for the day was traveling to the European vehicle factory Skoda. Mostly an exclusive brand to Europe Skoda develops cars and SUVs to be super affordable to customers. They are apart of Volkswagen family, but they take pride in keeping their original branding and doing all their designing in house. [...]

Day 5 Prague 5/19/2022

Colton Newton Today the group had a walking city tour and hit many of the major tourist attractions in Prague. From the Communist museum, Astro clock, Saint Charles and Bridge. After the tour I walked to see the castle here in Prague. It had a beautiful Gothic church in the middle, but what fascinated me [...]

Day 4 Prague Czech Republic 5/18/2022

Colton Newton On this day the group traveled to Prague Czech Republic from Munich Germany by bus. Prague is a very different atmosphere from Munich. Most people are nice, but some of the nicness comes from people who are trying to scam or pickpocket. First step I accomplished in Prague was to convert my money [...]

Day 3 Munich Germany 5/17/2022

Colton Newton It is the final day in Munich for the group. We were able to visit a very high technology soccer stadium here in the city. Soccer(football) is a large sport here in Europe and the culture. In Munich its a goal to make sure it is very affordable and accessible to the public [...]