Day 3 Munich Germany 5/17/2022

Colton Newton

It is the final day in Munich for the group. We were able to visit a very high technology soccer stadium here in the city. Soccer(football) is a large sport here in Europe and the culture. In Munich its a goal to make sure it is very affordable and accessible to the public by season passes.

View from inside the stadium.

After our stadium tour we have free time to envelope ourselves into the city of Munich and culture. One interesting place I found was a store called “Kingdom of Sweets” and it sold all typical snacks that you find in a US gas station. The place was packed and it was seen as a real rare treat for the people to indulge in something so snacky/sugary like a Reese Cup. Speaking of sugar. In Munich softdrinks are rare at restaurants and it is usually only Coke. One German server called it “American Champagne”. Ice is also something not common in drinks as well, but most are still chilled. In Munich it is cheaper to buy a beer than a softdrink and you get more volume with the beer. These sublte cultural differences I find fascinating and am excited to see what our next country has in store.