Day 4 Prague Czech Republic 5/18/2022

Colton Newton

On this day the group traveled to Prague Czech Republic from Munich Germany by bus. Prague is a very different atmosphere from Munich. Most people are nice, but some of the nicness comes from people who are trying to scam or pickpocket. First step I accomplished in Prague was to convert my money to Czechs(Kc) at an ATM. Then some person approached me afterwards that wanted to give me fake money to split up my larger bills. I obviously refused. I have had very good friendly interactions with other people here more so than that of Munich.

The currency is worth .04 of a USD and then overall things are cheaper here. A liter water bottle was less than a dollar for example.

The city is over all stunning in its architecture and beauty. Most buildings are connected, but they take care in designing facades to make them unique or to design around monuments or old beautiful churches.